Christmas gift: "Super Bombinhas" first Demo released!

The currently ongoing project "Super Bombinhas", a platform adventure game, is now on its final stages of development and a demo version is now available for download, for Windows and Linux.

The game tells the story of a kingdom of living bombs, which is going through a crisis caused by a tyrant governor... In the quest to save the kingdom from this scourge, you will travel through vast lands, visiting a variety of sceneries and meeting a wide range of creatures.

This first demo covers a great part of the first "chapter" of the story, which takes place on "Tars Island". The update to version 0.0.2 has corrected some small issues of the first demo, slightly changed the physics of the game and the level design and graphics.

Download: Linux (Ubuntu 14.04+/Mint 17.1+) Windows (7+, 64-bit)

Feel free to send us feedback about the game through

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